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BOSTON ― The Seaport Leadership Group, funders of the Seaport/North Station Ferry operating between Lovejoy Wharf and Fan Pier today announced that the one-way fare for public riders will now be five dollars (including fees), reduced from twelve dollars, for any trip reserved via the Seaport/North Station Ferry website beginning on April 1, 2019.

In addition, the number of seats guaranteed to be available to the public will increase from five to fifteen and depending on the time of the departure up to seventy seats will be made available for public reservations. The fare reduction and seating increase is now possible as sufficient ridership data has been collected and analyzed to determine daily demand from employees of the funding companies during peak commuting hours.

 “From the beginning, the intention of the funding companies was to evaluate daily employee ridership and then offer any surplus seats to the public at a competitive rate,” said Richard Martini, Chief Operating Officer, Fallon Companies. “Our goal is to fill every seat on every boat and we are now in a position to provide a unique service on Boston Harbor that delivers convenience and value to every rider.”

 The Seaport/North Station Ferry service is operated by Bay State Cruises and managed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. The one-year pilot program is the first public – private partnership of its kind in North America and is now ready to evolve to its next level.

“With the service now up and running for a couple of months we’ve had the opportunity to refine our program, and measure our trip time against the anticipated 20-minute headway,” said Shannon McDermott, MCCA Director of Transportation. The positive results give us confidence that we are ready and able to reach one of our goals which is to provide more access at a lower cost to the public without impacting the availability for current employees of the funding companies.”

Public riders can visit to check on seat availability for each trip and book tickets at their convenience.

For more information regarding the service, or to book a ticket, please visit