Conventions C.A.R.E


We believe in community, both inside our convention center and in the diverse neighborhoods of historic Boston, where needs are sometimes great. We also believe in giving back and inspiring our events to do the same.

Our Conventions C.A.R.E. program collects clean, usable, non-perishable donations from exhibitors after conventions, and delivers them to local nonprofits around Boston. By donating to the program, you’ll be helping scores of nonprofit organizations throughout the Boston region.

Not only will your materials be put to good re-use, but you’ll be cutting back on your event’s environmental impact by diverting waste from local landfills. Plus, it saves you the time and expense of shipping unneeded goods back home.

So far, we’ve collected everything from office products to convention bags to medical supplies. We work with our general service contractors and partners, JCALPRO, Inc., Freeman, Brede Exposition Services, Champion Exposition Services, Global Experience Specialists, and Teamsters Local 82, to collect, sort and arrange transport of the donated materials to local nonprofits.

By working together, the MCCA, our partners and you can show Boston charities that responsible events care.

For more information about our Conventions C.A.R.E. program, contact Mark O'Leary at