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Teamsters Local 25 Launches First Ever Worker Training Program for Boston’s Trade Show Industry

Boston- In an effort to attract world-class trade shows to Boston, Teamsters Local 25 has launched the city’s first trade show worker training program. Through the program, Local 25 hopes to create more skilled workers and to raise Boston’s trade show business to match the heights of its vibrant tourism industry, creating jobs and driving economic activity.

“Boston is a top destination for international tourists, and working together, we can make it a top destination for the most coveted trade shows,” said Teamsters Local 25 President Sean M. O’Brien. “Having an educated and well-trained workforce is critically important for Boston to attract the events that have the biggest economic impact.  Making this training available will create more jobs, more visitor spending, and put more working men and women in a better position to support their families by working in this industry.”

The initial training sessions took place at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center and hosted more than 100 workers. Inside, instructors detailed the art of building and deconstructing trade shows quickly, efficiently, and safely. The unique training program is made possible by the Teamsters Local 25 partnership with the convention and trade show employers working in conjunction with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. 

The MCCA is responsible for generating significant regional economic activity by attracting top conventions, trade shows and other events, believes this training will help attract more lucrative events and help maximize the investment return for residents and businesses in Massachusetts.

“Customer service excellence is at the heart of the MCCA’s mission and our success is directly tied to our constant focus on providing training throughout the organization,” said David Gibbons, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. “We applaud and appreciate the commitment of Teamsters Local 25 on its new training initiative as we continue working together to drive economic activity and opportunity locally by bringing the world’s best events to Boston.” 

Until now, Boston’s trade show industry has been mostly seasonal, and only large enough to support a mostly casual, part-time workforce.  By making this new training available, the Teamsters Local 25 is providing workers with a chance to earn certifications and licensure in handling the various aspects of working in the trade show industry.  A skilled trade show industry workforce will allow Boston to compete with cities such as New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas and attract the biggest and most lucrative conventions and trade shows to Boston.  The training will also create more full-time employment opportunities.

“This program is great for our members,” said Teamsters Local 25 Steward Ed Welch.  “Giving these workers the chance to be fully trained and certified will open the door to many more job opportunities in this growing industry, and give them a much more reliable way to support their families.”